Woman With a Pearl Earring(2020) @ Steak House Doskoi

Johannes Vermeer「Woman With a Pearl Earring」

oil on canvas 22.7×15.8cm 2020

Chevalier de Mirbeck「Fluffy hairstyle」

oil on canvas 22.0×27.3cm 2020

Anne Rosalie Filleul「Child and Dog」

oil on canvas 15.8×22.7cm 2020

Jean Honore Fragonard「Escape」

oil on canvas 14.5×18.0cm 2020

Magical Boy (Red,Black)

19.0×10.0cm 2020

FAKE3 @2020 JUNE art fair

Spice Girls

oil on canvas diameter 22.7cm ,diameter 22.7cm.diameter 22.7cm,diameter 22.7cm,diameter 22.7cm


Magical Boy ,Magical Girl

19,0×10.0cm, 19,0×10.0cm 2020

Men and Dog


Never Ending Story